Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who knows/Could Be

That's right gang, something is coming. With my program winding down (giving me time to work on my NEXT life project) and a few weeks before the big exciting job starts I'll have a few precious moments to give you a direct line into the 24 frames per second part of my brain. Coming up on the blog a take on Wall-E I don't think ANYONE on the interwebs have touched on, a review of Hellboy 2 (can't wait), a hopefully funny article about my Mom watching the Wire and of course a ton about a certain Bat-person. Remember all articles subject to change but I'm going to try to stick to this schedule. Keep me honest people.

I just want the blog to stay true to form. You hear that Pat, "TRUE TO FORM! TRUE TO FORM!"

PS-Can somebody e-mail this to Pat? In fact can EVERYONE who knows him and reads this e-mail it to Pat.

Also thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who has stayed with the blog and checks in daily and keeping it alive. I am extremely grateful.


chris said...

honest to blog?

El Gigante said...

Honest to blog Chris. Which reminds me that I need to see super cutie (and originator of the line "Honest to blog" in Juno) Olivia Thirlby in the Wackness too.The movie has gotten so much mixed response that I really want to see it for myself.