Monday, September 1, 2008

Sickness Cinema Summer in Review Intro

Tomorrow school begins once again which will most certainly put a crimp in my daily blogging (it already has) and while this time I'll be in front of the class it's still a nerve wracking. I'm saddened by the end of summer but a bit mixed on the end of the summer season. Quieter, more thoughtful movies will slowly be marching into cinemas and I can't wait. So how about a little perspective on the summer? I'll be coming at you for the next several days with my favorites (and least favorites) of the summer. Enjoy as I work through super-heroes, Apatow-ian man-children, high-wire documentaries, animated lovers and all sorts of assorted brick-a-brack. In the meantime you should always be checking out the wonderful Peter and Rob make lists of things blog (easily my favorite blog on the entire inter-web) for topics as diverse as hobos, juice, closing tracks, fictional haircuts and micro-nations.

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