Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sickness Cinema Summer in Review Part II

The Bataan death march of summer listing (this was a horrible HORRIBLE idea and I regret doing it) continues again. I'm envious of Peter (and to a lesser extent Rob) and his free form listing. Oh well, here I go.

Favorite scene that made me laugh
Phillip Petit explains the benefits of having crutches in America in Man on Wire. Have you seen this yet? You really, REALLY should.

Wall-E finds a spork and doesn't know where to put it. Pefect.

Danny McBride makes mother nature wet her pantsuit.

Favorite scenes that got me tingly
Juan Antonio propositions Cristina (and to a lesser extent Vicky). I don't often give it up for ScarJo but she looks sooooo into it. The much ballyhooed about three-way can't possibly measure up to her anticipation.

The dance-off in Get Smart. Yeah. That's right. I gotta be me. You all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Favorite older actors I appreciate again from the summer
Tom Cruise goes for broke in what critics are calling "Jew-face." Sickness laughs.

Ben Kingsely turned in two very solid performances in both the Wackness (where he plays a boho Harvey Kietel) and Elegy where he goes back to being good mid 80's Ben Kingsley.

Ummmm, I think that's it for that category, unless you count the 40 minute block of Indiana Jones where the movie is actually decent (hint: it's in the middle).

Favorite performance in an awful movie
Shia LaBeouff rocks it mightily in a terrible, terrible movie filled with ridiculous robot characters and loaded with sloppy CG. I'm shocked that I'm talking about a movie from this summer too.

Pierce Brosnan in Momma Mia when---nope, he's awful, AWFUL in this movie.

Alright I'm exhausted, tomorrow will mark the end of the work week. Join me as I burn off steam by talking about the worst of summer.


Peter said...

Yo... the list is a marathon of comedy. You get a good idea, you start in, and then after about a quarter of the race, you're like, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" This is why I make lists about ridiculously frivolous things.

Frank said...

Remember when this was a blog? I don't.

neonspecs said...

are you done with this foreverrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

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