Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remember, remember the rest of December

Every once in a while I like to map out what's coming on the blog to give me goals to hit and something for readers to expect and look forward to. Work is going to keep me pretty busy from December 21-27 but before and after that expect lots of bloggy goodness.

In the week to come you'll see:
A plea to see The Room
Red Envelope Reviews for Gomorrah and Paper Heart
A special thank you post/review

In the week after that:
Very likely reviews for: The Princess and the Frog, Invictus and/or The Lovely Bones
Less likely to see reviews for: A Single Man (just don't know who I will get to see it with me)
Wish I could but probably won't see: The Slammin' Salmon (though you never know)

December 18-21:
Maybe (hopefully) an Avatar review and/or a Nine review.

I'll probably take a break for Christmas and New Years and then at the start of January you'll hear my takes on Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus, Crazy Heart and Sherlock Holmes. Maybe It's Complicated.

Of course looking way ahead you'll get my best of 2009. I did one of these for 2007 and it was MAMMOTH. Expect a similar thing for 2009. I just want to make sure I see as many 2009 movies I can to really make sure it s a balanced, thorough list. I mean good lord, almost 12 months and I've only see 46 2009 releases according to imdb. Better step it up.


Etan said...

Really want to see A Single Man. Caught Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, and Tom Ford the other day at an advanced screening of the film.

Perhaps we should try out long-distance paired moviegoing?

Football Chick said...

I really hope Nine is good. The trailer is so exhilarating!

El Gigante said...

It will eventually happen, though you'll likely have to wait until January.

I hope so too. I really enjoyed Chicago, Marshall has a real solid grasp on how to shoot a screen musical. And the cast, damn. Kind of wish they had cast someone a little heftier, both figuratively and literally,in Fergie's part. Not just fetishizing here, in 8 1/2 her character is a pretty big lady.
Oh also one of the movies you asked for is coming in the mail tomorrow. I hope to have something for you by Thursday/Friday.