Sunday, December 20, 2009

You should see your faces

Ok so work is completely kicking my bum. Totally busy and the blog is going to have to go dark until after day job relaxes. Figure I'll grab onto a computer and blog it up after the 27th. I haven't even had time to see any movies. Wait, scratch that, I did see ONE movie. I want to cool down a bit and get it in my rear-view lest I bust out something I regret later. That being said the sheer spectacle is an absolute must see. Your mileage may vary but you've never seen anything quite like this, I guarantee. See it, see it on the biggest screen you can and see it in 3D. See Avatar, we'll meet back here in a week and we'll talk more.

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Gisele said...

I think the titles for your posts are so funny/flawless!