Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Classic Movie Meme

Taken from the most excellent (and quite prolific blogger) Electronic Cerebrectomy.

So, get the American Film Institutes's 100 Years... 100 Movies list and answer the following questions

1) Your favorite 5 movies that are on the list:
This was hard, I went with my gut. The Third Man, Harold and Maude, Double Indemnity and Annie Hall got SO close.

The Godfather
The Apartment
Singin' in the Rain
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Dr. Strangelove

2) 5 movies on the list that you didn't like at all:
The Birth of A Nation
High Noon
Forrest Gump
The Jazz Singer

3) 5 movies on the list you haven't seen but want to:
The only one I haven't seen is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, I don't know if I want to haring how dated and didactic it is, but in the end I must complete the list.

4) 5 movies on the list that you haven't seen and have no interest in seeing:

5) Your favorite 5 movies that aren't on the list:
I'll follow Samurai Frog's criteria here: "Well, assuming I should only pick movies that it would be reasonable to call one of the hundred greatest American movies of those 100 years, I think these five."
There Will Be Blood
Rio Bravo
The General (1927)
Bride of Frankenstein

Feel free to post your own responses in the comments.


neonspecs said...

Well I fail. Having only seen 31 of those movies, my top five of those would be:

1. North by Northwest
2. Chinatown
3. Philadelphia Story
4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
5. It Happened One Night

And, I liked Guess Who's Coming to Dinner a lot. But, then again, I like Spencer Tracy a lot. Especially The Last Hurrah. Great movie.

Etan said...

You haven't seen Guess Who's Coming to Dinner??

I really like that movie...

Rob said...

There is really a pretty embarassing amount of those I haven't seen. However, of those that I have, my faves are:

1. Dr. Strangelove
2. The Graduate
3. Some Like it Hot
4. The Godfather
5. Duck Soup