Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons I've Learned from Val Kilmer Characters

The definition of the word idiot can be found in the dictionary (also, it does't feature a picture of Harry Lockhart).-from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Bat-signal is not a beeper.*-Batman Forever
Apparently, he's my Huckleberry.-Tombstone
This may be the only chance I have in my whole life...to have sex.-Real Genius
Let them be low. We are getting *high*. We're not getting fucked down. We're getting fucked up.-from his delightful turn in Entourage
There's the fucking door.-Heat (which was good because I needed to know where the door was)
In the city there is always a reflection, in the woods always a sound.-Spartan, cool flick, check it out
You've got to do it. If you don't, I'm dead.-Wonderland
I can ride his tail any time.-Top Gun

Good to know Val, good to know. Should Val ever read this (and it's not outside the realm of possibility WINK) let it be known that I think that Val Kilmer is just awesome even in the absolute worst DTV dreck. I mean even in an otherwise worthless flick (like Mindhunters) or a literary adaptation that could've gone better (like Comanche Moon) Kilmer is fascinating to watch. Here's to more kick-ass performances and hopefully better movies (how about an out and out comedy like Real Genius or Top Secret?)

*(I actually thought about this for a bit and I must respectfully disagree, the Bat-signal is specifically a beeper. A beeper for Batman.)


WaywardJam said...

For all his faces, no 'Saint'ly wisdom?

Kilmer really needs to step back to the forefront. A comedy would help. Maybe Apatow will throw him a bone.

El Gigante said...

No, no Saint. Never saw it and basically have no interest.

WaywardJam said...

Oh okay. We should focus of future Kilmer wisdom anyway.