Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come Fly With Me

Post-Tropic Thunder I'm feeling pretty good about Ben Stiller. Who knows? Maybe even
Night at the Museum 2 won't be the soulless, albeit well-intentioned, silly children's film the first one was. Why my optimism? Who oh who could be possibly make this film worthwhile to me where Dick Van-Dyke, Ricky Gervais, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan failed?

Booya Baby! Amy Adams is back on the blog and looking cute as usual (no surprise there) as Amelia Earhart. That Ben Stiller is one lucky dope. My lord the pants, that jacket, those short fetching red curls. Oh it's love all over again. Man I hope ADubs rules the Earth in this part and that she comes off way better than Hillary Swank's Earheart coming out at the same time. Actually, no, I take it back, it's really unfair to actors when they play the same role around the same time. Just ask poor Toby Jones in Infamous what he thinks of PSH's Capote Oscar.


WaywardJam said...

Mmmm. Amy Adams. I didn't care for Night at the Museum and planned not to suffer the sequel. Obviously, that's all changed now.

Rob said...

oh my Amy Adams is a babe