Monday, August 11, 2008

The List is Life

To be a cinephile is to be a lover of lists. They're fun, they're utterly arbitrary and endlessly debatable. We love to rank, categorize, order, it's part of the fun. Well I say to you sickness fans that lovers of lists should drop everything they're doing (excluding my readers who are airline pilots or surgeons) and proceed immediately to the charmingly fun Peter and Rob Make Lists of Things blog. Featuring the compatible but distinct comedy voices of lab tech Peter Mende-Sidelecki and fellow writer Rob Trump, the site features daily updates of completely random lists. For example, today the site features an article of Peter's about the sixteen best Daves or Davids in the world. Oh and film fans take heart, there is an ongoing debate between the two as to whether or not President Merkin Muffley of Dr Strangelove fame should have been included on the list of greatest fictional presidents. I'm inclined to agree with Peter and say no, because a) too obvious and b) he's not that great a president, funny, but ultimately takes part in Armageddon. This site is entirely worth the visit if only to learn what a Mitch McCroy special is.