Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Blog Day

Tomorrow will be better but I just can't muster up the strength after watching the Extraordinary Measures, Clash of the Titans and Date Night previews all in one sitting.

A couple quick words on each:

Extraordinary Measures: I like Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford and I'm sure this film will get a little juice from their names but what on Earth makes this film cinematic as opposed to a Lifetime movie?

Clash of the Titans: Digging the monster design but let me just join the chorus of internet nerds in mocking the tag line of "Titans will Clash." Ugh. Really someone was paid to think of that. Let me run some others off the top of my head. Lost arks will be raided, blood will be there, Halls will be Annied, Clubs will be fought, Ghosts will bust. Money please.

Date Night: Hey middle America, you know the stars of those two shows on NBC you don't watch? I KNOW its hard to watch a sitcom without a laugh track to tell you when the funny parts are so instead we put them in a movie where everything is gonna be HI-larious. Don't worry, we got a bunch of zany antics that you've seen a billion times before, thats it, just buy the ticket and laugh and laugh and laugh at the silly people. All the Nick Krolls and James Francos in the world can't gild this turd.

Caveat: Obviously all films are the end product of countless hours of dedicated individuals working not only to provide themselves and their families with a living but strive to entertain everyone regardless of what coast they live on. Everyone deserves to be entertained not just people in New York and LA with film degrees. Ok, OK! God, leave me ALONE! Its just my feelings on the trailer.


Football Chick said...

Moons will be new. Beth Coopers will be loved. Pelham 123 will be taken. 2012- wait ...

El Gigante said...

Can we just stop for a second and talk about how much I love Football Chick and how indebted I am to have her in my life and the fact that she's not around makes me pine for New York. Cause its true.

Plus if I WERE to be in New York she could get me into all sorts of cool elitist publishing parties where if Bored to Death is to be believed are filled with suits, stoned Ted Dansons and the best This American Life contributors money can buy.

Football Chick said...


And yes that's true.