Friday, November 6, 2009

Links: Based on a novel by Saphire

Hey new and returning viewers, its Friday and that means time for my weekly link round-up.

No time to waste, here are the links.

Fans of 80's cartoons (surely thats a good chunk of my readership), would do well to check out, which is hulu for people who woke up early to watch Nickelodeon, old school Fox Kids and KCOP. Come on people, Super Mario Brother Super Show (AND Link). is in and of itself an amazing repository for film-related links but one of my favorite daily features of thiers is daily cool stuff and this Tuesday was no esxception. Look at this cool, yet uynderstated Godfather t-shirt here.

Harry Knowles over at has a tendency to getover-enthusiastic, though there are some occassions where this is called for. How about interviewing Rick Baker on the set of The Wolfman? Yeah, I'd say thats worth a little gushing.

My purchase is validated as none other than Martin Scorsese compliments the process' exquisite quality here. Speaking of Scorsese he lists his favorite scary movies here.

If you're like me you're fascinated by the insanity of crypto-zoology. has found a taxidermist who has made some...well...see for yourself here.

Tune in tomorrow for a review of a certain rehearsal doc that everyone has been talking about.

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