Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Link: Part of the Twilight Saga

Ugh, craaaazy week you guys.

Reviews are a comin', promise.

Interviews: Michael Chabon talks about genre. Not that first time he's done it, but its good to know that one of the best living writers of fiction loves comics and crap.

Videos: Every death from Total Recall. To which I say "GAR NOT QUAID!"
For those of you who haven't seen it yet Jason Segel performed with the Swell Season. Phenomenal.
This compilation of every time a werewolf or vampire has danced in a film ALMOST makes the release of New Moon worth it. Almost.
The 101 best music videos of the past decade. WARNING: don't click this link unless you have a bunch of time on your hands.

Analysis: Devin at CHUD wrote a wonderful piece on fantasy and realism in films. I whole heartedly agree with him (except for the part about 300 being good).
The lovely Kim Morgan wrote a blisteringly good piece on Fight Club and its lasting impact in honor of the film's recent Blu-Ray release.
FX rant looks at the cinematography of recent masterpiece, Let the Right One In. Seriously WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Random coolness: Some Kirby inspired artist did a variety of Marvel-esque covers for an Inglourious Basterds comic. Gorgeous
Want to know how long the line rides are going to be at Disneyland? There's an ap for that.

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