Friday, November 13, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Link

Lots of cool stuff worth sharing this week.

Great vids: One of the best trends that have been developing virally is the use of classic footage to represent modern films. This use of Chaplin footage to replicate the Matrix is awesome, check it here.
Star Wars and I have been on a rocky road for a LONG time. The bulk of internet material produced on this franchise is by-in-large dreck. However, every once in a while you get something like this.

Interviews: Legend Ben Gazzara, delightful Teri Garr, Jake Gyllenhaal & uber-hottie Gemma Arterton, and then there's Britcom guru Richard Curtis. Oh and several bigwigs (Scorsese, Stallone, Sayles and Shatner to name a few) talk Roger Corman.

Lists: Tim Curry's career has been nothing if not prolific and varied, check out 10 of his strangest roles here.
Oh movies that are way more racist then they think are, you're racist.

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