Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update: Dates will be upped

So I can't review or praise or snark about anything tonight because I will be chilling in the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live because my good friend, Amir, is going to be a guest. Y'all should tune in 12:06/11:06 central. Who knows, last time the put me in the audience for the band and you could kind of see me, tonight, who knows? Also if the thought of seeing Amir and maybe seeing me wasn't enough, Frank Reynolds himself, Mr. DANNY DEVITO will be the first guest. So come on. Tune in.

Looking ahead we've got Friday Links and hopefully I'll get out to theaters to see one or more of the following; Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pirate Radio (ne the Boat that Rocked) or An Education. Who knows maybe I'll try to track down Antichrist (CHAOS REIGNS!). Also I've recently gotten a passel of Blu-rays and I'd love to let you guys pick which one I'll review for the site. Please leave your vote for one (or more) of the following in the comments:
Monsters, Inc.
North by Northwest
Trick R' Treat

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Laura said...

North by Northwest obviousssssly