Monday, November 26, 2007

One Week More

Ok so we've basically got a week to go until hitting December (ground zero for quality films most years) and in honor of that here is a visual guide to the seven flicks that have my film geek sense tingling in no particular order:


There Will Be Blood

Sweeney Todd

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


Charlie Wilson's War

What I really like about this promising batch of contenders is that its such a great mix of genres. It ensures that fatigue won't set in. A quirky indie comedy fro an up and coming screenwriter. A serious historical drama from a much missed director (with an orchestral score by one of the minds behind Radiohead). A musical (and a Sondheim one at that). An exciting animated comic adaptation. A spoof of the recent award staple musician biopic from the damn near Pixar-level consistent Apatow group. A light drama that features a combination of some of the greatest talents of the last decade. And a much buzzed about literary adaptation featuring a brght and shiny new cast on the cusp of greatness. If only half of these work it should still be a great winter.

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