Saturday, November 24, 2007

Random Film Thought: Retroactively Clueless

Behold: The two most successful actors to come out of Clueless.

Did you predict it back in 1995?
How hot was Stacey Dash back in the day?
Still enjoying Donald Faison on Scrubs?
Post your answers in the comments.


Heller said...

And who what have thought that Breckin Meyer would have gone on to play John, in not one but TWO, Garfield films.

El Gigante said...

You know Breckin Meyer, as a member of the WGA (he writes for Seth Green's Robot Chicken), is currently on strike. I'm concerned about what this may do to the production of Garfield 3: Odie Brother Where Art Thou?

Football Chick said...

I'd just like to applaud the movie Clueless for so faithfully adapting Jane Austen's Emma that it preserved the weird incest overtones by making Rudd and Silverstone step-siblings. That's thorough.

gi money said...

I four that.