Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Film Thought: Way Down in the Hole

What hath Haynes wrought?

Given how much I enjoyed I'm Not There I'm proposing a little game for my readers. You pick a major musician and then come up with six random actors or characters to play him or her. The winner will be acknowledged in a future post and maybe something else.

Here's one to start you off:
Franks' Wild Years: The Tom Waits Story

Waits will be played by Margaret Cho, Denzel Washington, Peter Saarsgard, Alan Arkin, the robot from Rocky IV, and a german shepherd.


Football Chick said...

Mama Said There'd be Drug Habits Like This: The Amy Winehouse Story

Amy played by Dakota Fanning, Jackie Chan, Queen Latifah, Drew Carey, Roseanne Bar, and Elizabeth Taylor, in that order.

El Gigante said...

I'm giddy at the prospect of hearing Jackie Chan singing "Fuck me Pumps"

gimoney said...

I don't like it in black with white writing.=/: Downgrade :-/

Bunny said...

He's The One: Bono
starring: keanu reaves, christopher walken, natalie portman, dustin hoffman, tommy chong, and patrick stewart.

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