Saturday, June 7, 2008

Awesome Birthday Guys

Two Sickness Cinema favorites celebrate their birthdays today. First up is the Arrested Development alum that has taken the world by storm, Mr. Michael Cera who is turning 20. Mr. Cera's colossal talent and nice-guy persona make him a fan favorite of the highest order. No one just likes Michael Cera, they love him. In addition to rocking the aforementioned AD as the demure, sweet and cousin-loving (maybe...maeby) George Michael Bluth Cera had a huge 2007 starring in Superbad and making me cry giant dorky tears in Juno. Cera can also be seen as a giant douchey version of himself in Cera has a bright future ahead of him with an awesome slate of films including Year One (think the Apatow version of History of the World Part One). He'll be romancing the well-endowed daughter from 40 Year Old Virgin in the sure to be popular soundtrack having Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, playing very much against type as the titular Youth in Revolt and then kicking the most ass ever in the Edgar Wright (YAY) helmed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Double YAY). Then there's those rumors of an Arrested Development movie. Oh I hope there's a ribbon cutting at the premiere.

Cera's co-star in the sensational (and maybe best directed of the Apatow stable) Superbad turn 30 today, Mr. Bill Hader. Hader, in addition to being a huge comic fan and movie buff in his own right, is probably one of the most talented cast members on SNL right now. A talented impressionist and avant-garde scenarist, Hader has quickly asserted himself in the Akroyd, Hartman, Farrell role of SNL utility player. He's the guy who can be brought and play it straight but still manage to be hilarious. The man also does superlative impressions of Daniel Day Lewis (as Daniel Plainview), Vincent Price, Peter O'Toole, James Mason, Al Pacino, The Emperor from Star Wars, Tony Blair and Gregory Peck. Hader is also an Apatow regular in addition to appearing Superbad showed up in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up and will be seen in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder. I am of the opinion that his Vincent Price show, Comic Chat and Captain Hook sketches are some of the best that have ever been on the show in the last decade.

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It should also be known that you do a pretty good impression of Michael Cera!