Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You don't have to be an A student to be an A-List Star Part 2: The Women

Hey remember when I tried this a week ago? Well sadly Stan Winston died, which is a colossal bummer and then I saw what felt like four movies in a row and they all needed/need to be reviewed AND then Cyd Charisse died (a short show don't tell piece will be coming for her soon). But I don't want to be one of those web guys that eaves a project (however trivial) unfinished. So without further ado (there has been far too much ado lately):
Amy Adams- Let's see, gorgeous, talented, great taste in projects, no longer allowed to be talked about in front of my girlfriend (for an extended period of time). She should also be addressing her squeaky clean cutesy poo resume with the dark indie comedy Sunshine Cleaning and the dramatic heavy hitter Doubt with no less than PSH and La Streep. Then it's back to cute lovable Amy for a turn as Amelia Earheart (PERFECT CASTING!) in (shudder) Night at the Museum 2 and then the cooking comedy Julie and Julia (again with Streep, way to pick a role model).
Is she A-List material yet?: A+++++(see me after class :))
Ellen Page-Honest to blog the real deal, she has a good reputation for picking clever material, I have no doubt whatever success Smart People had was from the bump of showing her off in the advertising. For all the ridiculous ire leveled against the film, Juno is really popular for a reason and Page has a real talent for grounding scripts ina real, emotionally honest world. She also took part in three of my favorite SNL skits this year. Her projects choices continue to be as quirky as she is, she'll be directed by Drew Barrymore (really?) in the roller derby comedy Whip It (alongside Zoe Bell, maybe), then a rural drama about a train accident, Peacock. Then a major costume drama, Jane Eyre. I'm sure she always has a place with the X-Men too, though she'd be crazy to go back there.
Is she A-List material yet?: To anyone who saw Juno yes, she's yet to connect with the mainstream the way Adams has though.
Katherine Heigl-Ugh, this bitch on wheels is so hot right now, though it can probably be attributed to all the bridges she's burning in her wake. Calling the movie that made you a star "dumb and sexist." DICK MOVE! Especially when you turn around and star in a treacly stereotypical romantic comedy that offers not one new thing to the genre. Then she withdraws her emmy nomination in the most condescending way possible insulting Grey's Anatomy's writers and producers. She's pretty and likable and can deliver drama and comedy well but her personal life attitude is starting to bleed over into the public's perception of her. She seems content sticking in romantic comedy along with King Leonidas in the upcoming Ugly Truth.
Is she A-List material yet?: She's super recognizable cause of her TV gig but methinks the lady doth protest too much and is on the road to a serious Carusso-ing.
Anne Hathaway-Well I've heard from a reliable source that she's not so cool in real life. Which is a bummer cause before A-Dubs came along she had the market cornered in sweet, bubbly and princess-y. She also once did a stage show with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Doug Sills which makes me kind of super jealous of her (and yes Frank also makes me super gay). Regardless of stuff I've heard (Ugh I feel so dirty bad mouthing her based on conjencture, is though how it feels like to be a Fox News person all the time?) Hathaway seems to be on her way out f the profitable but not particularly critic friendly young adult ghetto. I have heard good things about her turn in Get Smart. She apparently does vixen very well, plus being able to compete for screen presence with some of her co-stars in that movie is no simple task. I mean seriously, I defy anyone to make me able to look away from a scene that involves David Koechner. I'm completely serious.
Is she A-List material yet?: For twelve and under girls, certainly, but two or three more big films should do it for grown-ups.

Yeah, that was fun albeit prolonged and got kind of lame at the end (kind of like the Pirates movies). Coming up: a tribute to the late great Cyd Charisse, a quick check in to the Israeli film festival, an explanation of why seeing Get Smart will be bitter-sweet, Friday links and should all go according to plan a Get Smart review.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I heard Hathaway is a total delight personally from a source that would know. That said, she flat-out can't act.

I kind of admire Heigl's balls, and the fact that she's not just a little puppet of her publicist, but I wish she wouldn't insult everything she's involved with.

sarah said...

Anonymous is wrong; your informed source is right. Clearly.