Friday, June 13, 2008

M. Night Shyamalan's The Linkening

Friday already? Time for links:

News & Rumors: What will PTA follow up the masterpiece There Will Be Blood with? Big Screen Little Screen's got an idea right here.

Interviews: Working comic actor Tim Meadows has a very illuminating interview about his career over at the AV Club. His reaction to people saying that the Bill Evengall show is beneath him are incredibly amusing.
Meanwhile discusses all things Rogen with the man himself (and there's a lot on his plate right now). My favorite is him mentioning how much he loved Speed Racer, if that's not validation I don't know what is.

Lists: The Nerve discusses the 50 worst sex scenes in cinema history. Fun to discuss but not so fun to watch. Lots of youtube clips on this one if you're brave.
The PETA blog lists 10 films that will make you go vegetarian. Probably the first time Soylent Green and Babe have ever shared list space.

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