Friday, June 20, 2008

The Link Guru

Here are some distractions from even thinking about watching Mike Myers rape the corpse of Peter Sellers (I cannot WAIT until that comes up as a google search term for the blog).

AICN has contacted some of Stan Winston's friends and family for an incredibly moving tribute (and has subsequently reminded me why I like the site in the first place). Come read stories from the like of James Cameron, Frank Darabont, Greg Nicotero and Robert Kurtzman (the K and the N in KNB), Rick Baker, Joe Dante, Jon Favreau and Monster Squad director Fred Dekker.
Joblo also put together a nice video montage for the late great Mr. Winston.

Speaking of AICN Moriarty got a hold of writer Brian K Vaughn's (Y the Last Man, Pride of Baghdad, Lost) script of Roundtable and the movie sounds AMAZINGLY great. A Brian K Vaughn movie that draws comparisons to Ghostbusters and Back to the Future and written with Simon Pegg and Ricky Gervais in mind?!?!?!!?!!? I'll buy twenty tickets right now!

So with rumors of a possible Anchorman sequel swirling about some VERY disturbed, but funny fans have tale the liberty of creating an entire blog of what basically amounts to Anchorman slash fic. ANCHORMAN SLASH FIC!

Wired magazine has a quick run down of great movie metamorphoses.

Etan Recommended:
In conjunction with the upcoming release of the amazing look David Fincher directed, original cast of the fountain starring, Curious Case of Benjamin Button someone is letting you read F. Scott Fitgerald's original novel in chapter installments for the cost of FREE! Bone up your Button and be one of those pretentious know-it-alls who read the book before seeing the movie here.

My friend Ian has spent years writing and directing (and I think even financing) his very original film Invisible Cities. The trailer just went up today and I must admit it looks pretty awesome. Ian has come a long way from hiding dead guys under tables while pretending to be a mother with the world's largest handlebar mustache. Check it out below. I can say I knew him when and of COURSE he'll grant the Sickness Cinema his first exclusive interview.

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Etan said...

Thanks for including my link, but I think it's David Fincher, not "David Finchner"