Monday, January 18, 2010

Avedah!: A day late "live" blog of the Golden Globes

You know what it is, I know what it is. I decided that I'll twitter the Oscars and not bother my legion of followers on a regular Sunday.

Ok so we start off with Gervais who is typically snarky and off the cuff and I like it even if it isn't barn burning material.

Mo'nique wins best supporting, not surprising. Thanks God, EQUALLY non-surprising. Frankly I think she should have won for Beerfest. Oh and how adorable does Anna Kendrick look. Looking forward to seeing more of her, especially in Scott Pilgrim.

Sophia Veraga looks hot and seeing Matthew Fox makes me really wish Lost was starting (also for a Speed Racer sequel).

I've only seen the pilot of US of Tara and wasn't enamored of it, though Cary heartily endorses it so I'll 'flix ot soon.

Hey it's Sheldon and his hair looks so delightfully puckish. The escort/presenter girl looks like a deer in the headlights.

Neil Patrick Harris is sitting right behind Mickey Rourke I really hope a project for some sort of project with these soon.

Wooot Lithgowpalooza! Though come on it should've been NPH. I am eager to catch up on Dexter and see what is supposed to be an amazing season.

Paul McCartney comes out to Yellow Submarine? Why? Cause it's raining in L.A.? Bizzare. "As I'm now known, that guy from rock band" is pretty damn funny. "Animation is not just for children, it's also for adults who take drugs."

Normally when animated films are nominated alongside a Pixar film they're pretty much also-rans but every single nominee was pretty damn great. Way to step up the game people. But of course there can be only one and I cried a lot during Up.

Bad form cutting off Pete Docter, he was giving a great speech.

Kate Hudson sure looks pretty shame she hasn't been in anything good (or good in anything) since Almost Famous.

Two of my favorite stage/tv combos. Jane Krakowski and NPH. I liked that you could clearly hear Alec Baldwin laughing.

John Hamm with a beard. He makes it work. Is it for a project or just cause he likes it?

How weird is it that Michael C. Hall is married to his show sister?

Every time I think to myself mehhhh Julianna Marguiles I remember she was the main flight attendant in Snakes on a Plane and all is right with the world.

It's fitting that Harrison Ford in introducing Up In the Air in that he's become filmic excess baggage.

It must be weird for Christina Aguilerra to walk next to Cher and see her horrid future.

Fuck I hate this dumb-ass Cinema Italiano song. Fuck I hate that stupid Avatar song.

Agh, really need to see Crazy Heart. And White Ribbon. And Sherlock Holmes. I will soon, promise. T. Bone Burnett is a pretty staggering musical talent though.

There were many deserving nominess for score, Horner's Avatar was not one of them. Michael Giachinco is well on his way to being the next young John Williams.

Amy Adams, love it, love everything about it. Very pregnant.

Hey apparently Tom Hanks is on twitter now and instead of saying "thanks" he says "hanx."

Stanley Tucci, awesome reaction,. I LIKE that guy. Hey readers, go watch the Impostors oh and Big Night.

You know when Colin Farrel says "Oh, once I was a cliche" I kind of almost sort of feel for him. Cause seriously the man has been stepping up his acting game considerably since In Bruges.

Sorry to get all girly on everyone but Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia is rather delightful. Actually maybe my favorite perf of the nominees. You know I don't think she needs to be in movies with these young ingenues, she really is strong enough to hold and lead a film all by herself.

Oop getting a little long and preachy.

Ugh why is George Lucas right up front. WHYYYYY?!?!

I'm pretty sure Dame Helen Mirren just quoted Ron Shortsweather.

Sam Worthington, god help us all, THIS is a movie star? I'll take Chris Pine thank you very much. Give me somebody who at least looks like he's having fun.

How come Kevin Bacon won't do Footloose type movies anymore. The people want to see you DANCE Kevin!

A fun Drew Barrymore drinking game. Shots whenever she says "love", "flowers", "yes" and "spirit."

Hey remember when Cameron Diaz looked like a human? Ironically it was in The Mask.

Fuck first-world white people problems.

"This next category is a bit of a downer. It's for writing." And of course they don't cut to a SINGLE writer.

Oh Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler, if there was an award for movie pairing that would ensure I would never watch it, you'd win it.

Oh wait, not so fast Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher may have upset that last couple.

I like that QT is sitting next to Eli Roth. Would love to hear their conversation.

Oh Jason Riteman and Sheldon Turner, you wrote a movie. Yes Jason, we're ALL waiting for them to say QT's name.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, you're not getting introduced and this shit is RANDOM. Also you look like Skeletor. Actresses EAT SOMETHING!

I wrestled with making a very mean Precious joke after that last line.

Soon to be seen as Nick Furty in Iron Man 2...FUCK YEAH!

God damn I love evvvvvverything about Inglourious Basterds.

Sometimes I think that all the Sophia Loen hububb is cause she still looks good for her age.

It's kind of odd that the HFPA doesn't put more emphasis on foreign films, given that it's, y'know, the foreign press.

Hehe Michael Haneke hates you all. Other than Werner Herzog or Lars Von Trier I can't think of a director who seems like he belongs less at an excessive awards show.

Wait a minute Barrymore gets twenty minutes to blather on and they can't give Haneke one minute?

Mad Men is full of win. Rightfully so. Christina Hendricks-most beautiful woman in the world. Great actress too, a fact that is all too often overlooked.

Hey kids, Taylor Lautner, please watch our show. Ugh desperation is a stinky cologne.

How great is Jane Lynch? The answer is very. Alas, no award. Very disappointing.

I feel like Ben Chinn always has a really good story on hand about Chloe Sevigny.

FUCK YEAH CHRISTOPH WALTZ! YES YES YES! Just think a year ago nobody knew this guy and now he is just killing it. Cute and grateful speech. I await the one at the Oscar.

Scorsese montage. Greatness personified:

The opening joke would've been great if Bob (I get to call him that) hadn't botched his first line. The follow-up joke about sex with film was funny, then got weird and then remedied by the cut to a super drunk Brendan Fraser who found the whole thing HILARIOUS.

Lovely sweet words from DiCaprio and Scorsese looks genuinely humbled.

Fuuuuck so many good movies. I need to watch Last Temptation of Christ and Gangs of New York and Kings of Comedy and Age of Innocence all again REALLY soon. Shutter Island can't get here soon enough.

Wow. The only real legit thing that was missing was his appearance in The Muse "He's angry, but he's thin."

I love that he takes every moment to talk about the great films and filmmakers of the past. Beautiful.

Holy shit that Mel Gibson joke almost justifies the whole thing.

QT or Team Bigelow VERY deserving. Unfortunately this award decided to eat a bullshit sandwich. Oooo Jaso Riteman looks pissy.

Holy crap do James Cameron and Mel Gibson ACTUALLY live next door to each other. Where do they live? Douchebag Gated Community?

So I see we didn't learn anything from quoting from your stupid script a decade ago. Ugh no Na'vi speak

In a weak year for 30 Rock and an ok year for the Office I'm glad Glee won. Though I wouldn't have minded if Modern Family took it. Ahem, FUCK Entourage. Maybe Park and Rec next year?

Haha, so no Galifinakas? Given all the ribbons I like to imagine that this is to support Justin Bartha for being in Gigli.

Oh yeah, Reese Witherspoon, I forget about you.

I see were being populist with winners. Pssh The Hangover. Don't get me wrong, very entertaining movie but over say, In the Loop? No way.


I like that Elektra, Bullseye, Nick Fury and Whiplash have all presented awards.

Oh man Carey Mulligan was so good in An Education. More love please. None of this Sandra Bullock nonsense come Oscar time. I do like that Sandra Bullock gave a shoutout to Maker's Mark. I'd be happy to endorse this fine liqueur on the blog.

Sally Hawkins, we got over you fast.

Gah, really need to see Sherlock Holmes, maybe tomorrow after work. I really like everyone in this category but man does Daniel Day-Lewis have no business winning (first and last time I'll be saying that, promise). At least we get a Downey speech. Always good.

Heh. Most fun speech. You go Tony Stark.

Kate Winslet; beautiful, talented, charming.
Frankly a very worthy set of nominees. Still need to see Crazy Heart. Gah. That being said if he weren't there I'd want it to go to Firth who is PHENOMENAL in A Single Man.

Got to love that the bulk of the Iron Man cast has won awards. How do you not like Jeff Bridges? He's the Dude. No literally, the Dude.

Ugh Julia Roberts. Ughhhhhh.

Again Hurt Locker or Basterds are THE movies of this blog.

And again they're DENIED! Heh now QT looks pissed.

"Give it up for yourselves"? Fuck you times a million.

Goodnight everyone. Gervais was lovely but didn't do much. Yay for Waltz and Bridges and Downey Jr and the Scorsese Tribute and Glee. Boo the rest.


ComicInks said...

i had a very similar commentary I spared my twitter followers from lol. Best parts of the night were easily Robert Downey Jr's speech and drunk Brendan Fraser.

Rose said...

It makes me happy that so many of your comments matched my internal monologue as I watched the broadcast. Also FUCK YOU James Cameron you're a douche and your ex-wife is more talented than you are so go away.