Saturday, January 30, 2010

Link of Darkness

The best soundtracks and scores of 2009. Great picks.

The always clever and crotchety Devin Faraci just returned from Sundance and boy did he see a lot of movies. Many of them sound great. Can't wait.

Kim Morgan delivers a sharp, well written look at the influence of the late JD Salinger on film.

Miramax is folding, it's inevitable but sad. Here are several different tributes to the finest the company had to offer here and here.

An intriguing look at some unconventional Oscar picks courtesy of the House Next Door here and here.

Another tribute to Zelda Rubinstein here. Probably a bit less slapdash than mine.

Hey, you know When in Rome? Kristen Bell deserves better and here are some suggestions.

From the amazing folks who brought you the Robocop rap, here comes the Aliens rap.

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