Friday, January 22, 2010

The Tooth Link

Do you have netflix? If you don't you should, ESPECIALLY because God's special gift to film lovers, Criterion, has put a huge chunk of their film archive online for instant streaming. These are spectacular films and they're available to you to watch RIGHT NOW. Here is a list of but a few of the new great films they've added.

The AV Club was on fire this week with several fantastic articles. First up was a list of tough guys appearing in children's films (in honor of Jackie Chan and the Rock's most recent cash-grabs).

Noel Murray wrote a wonderful piece about what he is dubbing "fogeyism" though its really more about what's going on with auteurs and the state of independent film.

I don't often agree with The Playlist but they've put together wonderful list of breakthrough performances from 2009.

iO9 has a nice short piece about how to build character through action rather than dialogue.

Joblo had a cute venn diagram about Denzel Washington.

Over at Topless Robot they put together a list of the coolest firearms in sci-fi.

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