Friday, January 8, 2010


I also toyed with Link in Revolt. Also Link Year.

The film-experience is doing a ton of decade related lists. Here are the best male and female performers of the decade. Also a run-down of the hundred best films of the decade here, here and here.

Kim Morgan put together a best of the year list. Clever and thoughtful as always.

The House Next Door continues to crank out wonderful entries on the most important auteurs of the decade. Here you'll get a run down of Miyazaki and Pixar. Here, you'll get Charlie Kaufman and David Chase.
Drew at Hitfix has a lovely review of X, the Man with X-Ray Eyes with lots of great links to pieces about Roger Corman.

Devin at CHUD has two fun pieces from this week; a look at several ways to improve the theatrical experience and geeky musical projects.
The Lorax as a grindhouse film? Sign me up!
Hey ever wanted to reminisce about fictional eateries? Want no more.
And of course, the one that I feel I saw a thousand times this week, The Big Lebowski as a Shakespeare play.

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