Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Recommendations

Had a big presentation for work today which required a good sized drive so I'm pretty tired.

So in lieu of snark, reviewing or editorializing let me make some recommendations.

Some of the best movies of the past year are coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray today and you owe it to yourself to at least check them out. Among the titles available are:

The Hurt Locker-Team Bigelow's outstanding, tense yet subtle exploration of an IED squad's tour in Iraq.

The Brothers Bloom-Now available to purchase this fun and clever con-game from the director of Brick is equal parts funny and twisty.

In the Loop-Probably the year's funniest movie. I may even be so bold as to call it my generation's Dr. Strangelove. A biting satire on international relations, war and miscommunication from the man who gave us Alan Partridge.

Three I'm eager to check out are Moon, Big Fan and Passing Strange all of which are also available today. Moon is a powerful piece of cerebral sci-fi, Big Fan is writer Rob Siegel's directorial follow up to the Wrestler and Passing Strange is Spike Lee's recording of the wonderful Broadway show of the same name.

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