Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Link

UPDATE: Hey did you know it's the 25th anniversary of Return of the Jedi? I didn't, and Star Wars used to be every third and forth word that came out of my mouth. Some wonderful people have put this very, VERY amusing video on the inter-web to celebrate. I urge all fans and former fans of the Classic Trilogy to watch. Those who bear with it get a very fun surprise about half-way through.

A heavy weekend of reviews but that doesn't mean I won't be sending you link goodness. Away we go.

Lists: EW, inspired by Cloverfield, made mention of 22 Goofy Movie Monsters. Why must you hate on Clovie Entertainment Weekly?
They do however have a solid list of 25 best big-screen bad girls (you go Mrs. Iesllin and Phyllis Deitrichson).

Analysis and Tributes: The AV Club has some very nice things to say about character actor Ray Wise.
SC Pick of the week: They also did an awesome list of 18 excellent blockbusters, see the system can work.
Nate over on the filmexperience for whom Michelle Pfeiffer is like Amy Admas to me, has 50 great things to say about birthday girl Michelle.

Funny: Just in time for Iron Man, Cracked provides us with 8 pointless laws all comic book movies follow.
They also tell you how to make a Judd Apatow movie, knowing Paul Rudd helps.
Terminator kama sutra. Internet, I love you.

Friend Pimping: My friend Amir got mentioned in Wired magazine, by the members of Human Giant no less (the youtube generation's Mr. Show don'tchaknow), check it out here.

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