Sunday, May 18, 2008

You call him Dr. Jones doll!

So the AP just ran a story on the good but not great reaction of Indy at Cannes here. I know, I know, keeps your expectation low, but damn it, I love this series. I love these characters, I love this world. Why SHOULD I settle for less or just be happy with "better than the DaVinci Code?" This is Indiana Jones for heavens sake. It damn well better be superior to the DaVinci Code, that's the bare minimum of what it should be better than. Remember, if adventure has a name it's this guy's. So I've made an executive decision, starting tomorrow we'll be doing an Indy retrospective here at the blog. I'll be talking about my favorite moments, themes, characters, bits of the score, dialogue and all sorts of Indy brick-a-brack in anticipation for my review at the end of the week. So grab your whip and hat and come join me for the adventure (and hopefully not the disappointment) of a lifetime.

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