Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh sweet gloating

From earlier this morning:
12:23 PM Etan: iron man rocked
12:24 PM Jason and I caught a 12:35 show last night in Times Square.
but I should've read your blog, cause we missed the end thing
me: tsssssk
Etan: RDjr IS the movie
he's terrific
no one else can play Tony Stark
12:25 PM very much a Hugh Jackman/Wolverine kind of thing
anyway, gotta run.
later Rams
me: wait I'm not done tasting sweet acknowledgment pie

I don't know what's better, the fact that my most critical friend loved the movie or that he regrets NOT having read the blog?


Football Chick said...

How is Frank not your most critical friend?? Dude Frank you gotta step up your game.

El Gigante said...

The difference is that Frank actually likes things. Etan, he likes virtually nothing. It should also be noted that when Etan hates something, he hates it in a very nit picky way, it's impressive and amusing.

Frank said...

I hate you. Does that count?