Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Named the Blog Indiana: I thought I'd lost you boy!

So word has come in from New York midnight screening friends and while the consensus is lukewarm they're glad that the movie exists. The best of it is that Harrison Ford is alive, awake alert and enthusiastic as an actor once again (after basically sleep-walking his way through the better part of a decade). Or as my friend Frank put it:
You're not looking at Harrison Ford, you're looking at Indiana goddamn Jones.
Yeah, that'll do nicely. Frank, also was extremely complimentary of Shia LaBeouf, or as we like to call him "The Beef." Frank also posited that it wasn't George Lucas who dropped the ball on the film but-well, I'll leave those of you haven't seen it yet hanging. We'll talk tomorrow in the review and see if I agreed with Frank. The next time I post I will be living in a world where I've seen four Indiana Jones films. I am practically jumping out of my skin right now. Low expectations be damned.

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