Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cave 76 Episode One

Attention fans of things that are AWESOME!

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Hey everyone, this post marks a very special occasion for the blog where we move to a new way to inform and present our content. This is our first podcast, which we've decided to call "Cave 76." I am joined by my good friend Frank Angones who's credentials as a fellow Columbia University film major (and current film grad student) are impeccable. Frank has all sorts of great writing projects on the horizon (but I won't jinx it here by going into details). He is a wonderful director, superb writer and overall great collaborator.

Obviously since this is our first episode it's going to be a little rough. We're learning as we go and I'm sure one day I'll look back at this episode and cringe a bit. For now though I think it's great. We're going to try to keep it at a tight hour and you won't just get movie reviews and analysis for your money (oh btw this is FREE FOR YOU!) but we'll be covering TV and music as well.

Will we be on iTunes? Yes, but probably not for a while so for now you can get it right off this page.

Here's the rundown for the first episode:

Opening: We set up the show and talk a little bit about the Asylum video phenomenon.
Main topic: Frank and I look at Joe Johnston's The Wolfman.
Secondary topic: Our review goes into a discussion of scenery chewing both good and bad.
TV moment of the week: Just like it sounds. This week we discuss Parks and Recreation and Lost.
Frank's Lost Theory of the Week: Again, just like it sounds. We'll see how long this stays a recurring feature.
Pitcher/Catcher: In what's sure to become an audience favorite one of us will try to convince the other to watch, read or listen to a little known gem. In effect one of us will be "pitching" an idea to the other. This episode I try to get Frank into the UK TV series Black Books.
Looking Ahead: We talk about Peter Gabriel's upcoming cover album Scratch My Back and our excitement about Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island.

For reader's of my blog let me give you a special Episode 2 preview. Frank and I will be covering Shutter Island, talk about the resurgence of 3D and of course there will be more favorite TV moments, Lost theories and pitching.

Please let me know what you think about by commenting OR if you want to send segment ideas sing our praises or criticize viciously you can e-mail the podcast


ComicInks said...

i promise to read tomorrow, tonight I have to read comics so I can record my podcast in the AM lol. I'm excited though, sure it'll be great :)

Football Chick said...

Is there a kind of cheesy acting that would not be referred to as "chewing the scenery?"

El Gigante said...

Yes it would be called "BAD ACTING." I'd recommend watching the CW if you want to see what that looks like. Oooo sick burn.

Football Chick said...

First of all, why the CW hate? Second, so then what distinguishes "chewing the scenery" specifically?

El Gigante said...

CW hate because I'm officially too old to care about any show on that channel (even Supernatural).

To the other question I thought about it for a while: It's being aggressive in terms of your presence while staying believably in character. It's being showy in your action and beats.