Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's going on around here?!?!

Ok so I've been busy. My day job took me to a conference in Conneticut (which was lovely by the way) but, well, the timing was not good. You know that storm you've been hearing about ever and been seeing on the news? Yeah, I got caught in THAT! So now I'm stuck here on the East Coast. No worries, I'm making the best of a bad situation and will try to squeeze in some writing. So what's coming up?

Lots of reviews for some very different movies: the hard hitting British drama Fish Tank, the Academy Award nominated White Ribbon and should all go according to plan the newest version of the Wolfman.

I will be good and put up my links from last week and should all go according to plan you may be getting the Sickness Cinema in an ENTIRELY NEW FORMAT!

I will give you a hint...rhymes with shmodcast.

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