Friday, February 12, 2010

Linkentine's Day

Analysis: Devin from CHUD talks about the deserving and undeserving snubs of this year's Oscars.
The AV Club also takes a look at one of my favorites from this decade, Let the Right One In. The truly GREAT vampire love flick from the aughts.
A solid primer for Buster Keaton. Don't know who that is? Read this article and FIX THAT!

Interviews: All around great actor Kevin Corrigan expounds on some of his past work. As does Mad Man Jared Harris.

Lists: io9 looks at the worst sci-fi Oscar snubs (in light of Moon's shut out). AV Club runs-down some of their favorite bad-asses.
My new plaid pants did their annual golden trousers awards. Fun choices as always.

Funny: Nate from Film Experience provides some amusing stats on this year's Oscar nominees. In an unusual reversal the AV Club (not CHUD!) talks about The Manitou.
What's this? Wes Anderson's Spider-Man? I'm there.
Finally, a comprehensive look at everything Avatar...uh..."borrowed" from.

Awesome: This is just great, the films of the 2000's.
Devin visited Bob Burns' museum of movie memorabilia and it is amazing. Check it here and here.


Football Chick said...

This list of things Avatar may or may not have ripped off certainly drives home the total un-originality of everything but the technology. CAN YOU HEAR ME ACADEMY AWARDS VOTERS?!

El Gigante said...