Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cave 76 Episode Two: Shutter Island and taking Gandhi down a peg or two


Now a special treat. My amazing co-host has quickly edited together a newer, tighter (yet somehow LONGER) episode of Cave 76. We also aren't going to deal with any penny ante hosting site anymore. Frank got us on podomatic, which you can check out here. And hey if you click subscribe to iTunes on that page we'll show up in your iTunes podcast feed right next to Bill Simmons, Dan Savage and all your other favorites.

Of course you can always just listen to us right here by hitting play:

In this episode we talk about curling (it was Frank's idea I swear) from about 0:00-0:05.

We talk about why you should be watching the excellent sitcoms Better Off Ted and Community. Better Off Ted discussion from about 0:05 minutes to 0:20 minutes. Community about 0:20 to 0:40. That's a lot of talk about shows you PROBABLY don't watch. Maybe we can convince you.

We weigh in on Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island. From about 0:40-1:03. Very solid. My highlight for the episode (especially since we had to record it twice).

Frank gives his Lost Theory of the Week (I sing the theme song and it is great). 1:03-1:09

And to wrap it up we preview what we're looking forward to this coming week. 1:09-1:17.


Football Chick said...

Great episode guys! I have many thoughts:

1 - While it's true that you can pick up in any episode of Modern Family, there are evolving plot lines that help give the show some narrative structure, like Gloria and Claire forming a friendship and Jay getting more comfortable with Mitchell's life. Better off Ted really doesn't seem to have that, which leaves me a little cold even though I think the show is very clever. I don't really care about the characters after the episode ends.

2 - It was a stroke of genius to have Jeff and Annie show some romantic interest in each other. Britta is the least interesting character on the show, and every series-driving love story is made more interesting by a triangle (see: Dawson's Creek).

3 - Shame shame shame on you both for not naming the source material for Shutter Island, which is the novel by Dennis Lehane. Source material all too often goes unnoticed in Hollywood, and it's ridiculous. Walter Kirn hasn't been invited to the Oscars?! COME ON.

4 - Totally agree about Leonardo DiCaprio being underrated as a straight up great actor. When my 14-year-old-post-Titanic self became obsessed with him I went back and saw Marvin's Room, in which he was completely wonderful and heartbreaking.

5 - Rami saying "Lost" at the end of the Lost theme song is maybe the best part of the whole show. HILARIOUS.

El Gigante said...
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El Gigante said...
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El Gigante said...
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El Gigante said...

1. Fair enough but I don't feel there is an overarcing destination on MF. You're right though, I think Frank is giving the characters on BOT too much credit.

2. I feel as though the last several episodes have begun to build up Britta so that she's more than just the love interest. That being said I love Annie and Jeff together. Also Alison Brie is completely adorable/sexy. I love the time she said "They make me write the crossword puzzles because I'm a girl...and because I love crossword puzzles."

3. We DID originally mention Dennis Lehane several times in our original review, which (like these comments grrrr) was unfortunately deleted. My apologies.

4. Yep.

5. Thank you, I am a comedy genius.