Thursday, February 4, 2010

If you cannot sing then hum along

So this little tidbit showed up in Variety today.

Now obviously I'm not going to freak out and get over-excited about the mascot film of this site getting a sequel. It's tempting but lets proceed with cautious optimism.

As of now Anne Fletcher, who brought us the mega-hit The Proposal and 27 Dresses is attached to direct. Fletcher, a former choreographer certainly knows how to bring in a wide mainstream audience, could be an asset. I don't know if the film will have the nuance of the original without animator/director Kevin Lima at the helm. Who knows? It may be an enjoyable romp and that rarest of species, the good sequel.

Also a bit concerning is Jessie Nelson writing who's previous credits include Because I Said So and I am Sam. Though with these characters and situations acting as a foundation the material could transcend its origins.

I will say this though, having Fletcher around is a good indicator that James Marsden, who worked with Fletcher in 27 Dresses will likely be back as Prince Edward. Yay.

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