Saturday, February 20, 2010

Link Island (Plus Site Update)

Wow, where did THAT week go? So it was a wonderful week full of all kinds of people saying nice things about the podcast. Let me tell you guys, my co-host and I are in constant communication about what we can do to make it even better. We will be recording on Sundays and it's looking like we'll be focusing more on movie and tv rather than music and some of the other minutia in pop-culture. That's probably more in our wheelhouse. This thing is just going to get tighter and better the more we do it (just like exercise, or so I'm told).

So where was the content this week? Well for one thing this White Ribbon review is killing me. It's a deep, complex film that has a lot to say and inspires a lot as well. Compound that with one of my busiest week's of work EVER (typically got home at around 9 every day) and you just weren't going to get new content.

Anyway, next week we'll get back on schedule with an entry a day PLUS you'll get some sweet podcast action.


Analysis: The sometimes controversial but always illuminating Matt Singer analyzes one of my absolute favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies Bringing Up Baby. Also at the AV Club, Scott Tobias considers Synecdoche, New York, a difficult film if ever there were one.

If you missed it, you MUST read this Esquire piece on Roger Ebert. Powerful and deeply moving, please, please, please read this.

Awesomeness (all QT edition): Someone made some amazing alternate Inglourious Basterds posters. I'd like these to cover my walls please.
And speaking of Quentin, the director purchased the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. I have been a bad film fan and have not been to the New Bev, but I've heard nothing but good things. Amazing that QT has taken it upon himself to save this beloved institution.

Lists: The AV Club talked about the most frequently overused literary adaptations. But best of all they suggest some alternative choices from the same authors. So much fun.

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