Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adams Eve: Live-blogging Amy's Night on SNL

I'll be live-blogging (well, kind of) this episode alongside my roommate Scott. Scott is great because he is the ultimate sounding board.

Late night phone call: I really don't understand the whole SNL is pro-Hillary thing. A show is entitled to an opinion, it's not their fault that Americans are so easily convinced (I do think they had a small impact in Hillary's recent leads but come on). The still photos were a nice touch and it's good to see Armisen playing Obama less stiff. I wonder if this bitter, more cut-throat depiction of Hillary is a reaction to the last two weeks of "Pro-Hillary bias."

Oh first Amy promo photo very cute

Ladies and gentlemen Amy Adams, YAY!

Ooo purple. She always looks so good in purple. Crowd seems particularly psyched (I really wish I could've gotten into this show).

Monologue-LOLCATS Kristen Wiig and Amy Adams DO look similar. Did I not say this is LAST WEEK!?
Annnnd I'm gay.
Scott is a jerk. He says Kristen Wiig's voice is better. But now I'VE now called him a jerk in front of an average of a hundred daily readers. Hah hah, my power is great.
Ok I'll admit that opening PROBABLY could've been better, the sound you're hearing is a hundred middle Americans changing their channels.

"Mirror Image" ABC family series-OK...two sketches about how Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig look similar. Not wild about this bit. Bill Hader already appears 15 minutes in. Good. Ah sly wink to the audience, nothing makes me happier. It really seems like if they wanted to showcase Amy they should've had HER play the fat one. Well at least she's committed. I will be using "ass right I am" at some point in the future. Scott says this sketch is terrible but I reply with "don't you think it EMBRACES it's terribleness?" Scott says no.

Ooo sultry promo photo.

Couples Therapy-Scott says with dark hair A-dubs (yeah we're calling her THAT now) looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar, when I inform him it's funny he should say that because A-dubs played SMG's character in Cruel Intentions 2 he looks at me funny. This sketch belongs to Poehler. It also should've lasted maybe 30 seconds. Besides this sketch is ridiculous, who would EVER marry someone she only met from a soviet bloc country to help them gain citizenship? Who I ask you, who?

Digital Short-A so-so song is redeemed by a solid face punching. It's like a summation of EVERY Snl digital short. And they're still going. Oo blood, it's funny again.

Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show-I haven't yet figured out the new large breasted cast member's deal. Nor have I bothered learning her name. Sorry, repeating "hot mess" and "tranny" is not funny. Yay another flawless Bill Hader impression. Dear SNL, saying that other people over-rely on catchphrases does not excuse composing a sketch made-up entirely of catch-phrases. Also I feel like A-Dubs was not happy about playing Elle McPherson.

Vampire Weekend performs-I wonder if A-Dubs has a whole closet full of nothing BUT purple dresses. In my head she does.

Weekend Update-All right, so again we're seeinga lot less Jim Downey based material as the first two jokes seem fairly pro-bama (I am FULL of words tonight). I feel like in an alternate universe I AM Will Forte. My lips are a little bigger than his though. Wow, Scott really likes Bill Calhoun. My roommates have the STRANGEST taste (the girl likes Psych and the Highlander series...the TV series). I just laughed at the headline "German Soldiers Fat", cause come on, that's funny. Amy Poehler you are JUST cute enough to make the "joke of the week" line funny, once. Once. I know Frank is enjoying the bootleg Ghostbusters theme song. Scott asks if there is really a Brooklyn Ghost Investigation, I remind myself that I am moving in two months. There is a perverse pleasure in hearing Kenan Thompson saying zout a'lours. I have to explain the Keith Richards joke to Scott, didn't he major in music?

Scott theorizes that the reason the show seems off was that they partied too hard after last weeks after-party. I chime in with "Yes, everyone very excited about Ellen Page pseudo-coming out." That probably was pretty wild.

Did anyone else catch Lorne Michaels hugging Amy for a little TOO long during the shot of the show mid-commercial?

Traffic School- Oh wait, it's that Kristen Wiig character she played in Knocked Up. Trailing off while competing with everyone else in conversation always fun (cough). Why is A-Dubs playing the straight-man/authority figure in all these sketches? Isn't she a comic actress? What the deuce. She's not Ralph Nader, you can make her do more funny stuff. What I am getting is that Adams and Wiig are total bffs, I bet she lends her purple dresses. Ooo her imitation of Wiig is solid.

Where can I get these promo photos?

Dr. Uncle Jimmy's Smokehouse and Outpatient Surgical Facility-The title is satirical and appropriate, but I don't know if there is anything MORE to it than that. Ellen Pompeo's exit line is amusing, as is "I hope those aren't MY ribs."

During a commercial for Drillbit Taylor Scott mentions how hot and talented Leslie Mann is. Way ahead of you Scott, way ahead of you.

Roger Clemens Presents-Heh, look at the arms. "Major red-ass" lol. "Do you get it?" yes Mr. Clemens, we do. Tomboy Amy, adorable, also her fall is excellent. "I need power from you this year, steroid power." Sudekis is bringing it in this sketch.

Tookie Stiles-I can't imagine Spike Lee likes this sketch, yeeee (collar pull). Awww A-Dubs Irish accent is adorable. Scott asks if Tookie Williams is a real person, google says no. Or maybe they did say yes but I never search for more than one page.

I love theater, love it, but my god, please no more commercials for plays. It's soooo awkward.

Second Vampire Weekend performance-Ooo a mandolin. I need to get this CD.

Last random sketch, Celebration bar-Big hair is exactly the right kind of trashy, don't ask me why. The dance is very amusing. A-Dubs knows how to cheat out while staying characters and THAT is why I like her. I hope that they don't do this dance three times. But the comedy rule of three is about to smack me on the back of the head. Annnnd I'm right. Ugh. I'm super annoyed that the rehearsal time for this sketch could've been better spent writinga shorter funnier sketch. Though the reaction shots of Hader are solid. Tsk. Sigh.

During a commercial for Virginia (the state) Scott asks "Is this where Dave Matthews songs go?" I reply with "Yes, to die."

Ok so that wasn't GREAT. Or even good. Damn. I wanted to like it, BELIEVE me. But oh man, she is sooo pretty and talented (but not as pretty as my ACTUAL girlfriend who is amazing and wonderful and very good to put up with this kind of post). Oh well. Pettigrew next week, gotta be better.


Frank said...

Frank did not enjoy the Ghostbusters parody. Any complaints or problems, please call 888-mel-brooks.

ryanshaunkelly said...

Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
dare speak truth,
demand peace.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts -

Harley said...

The girl likes Psych?

The girl?

Two months left, Sickness. Two months. You better sleep with one eye open.

P.S. Congratulations on finding your apostrophe key. I was thinking that perhaps it was broken.

Joel Swedove said...

you can get the promo stills from nbc's website

click saturday night live

the recaps...

i feel like a-dubs (which is awesome) was kind of held back and used to showcase the regulars rather than the other way around, but it wasn't awful especially by recent standards...

let's hope Jonah Hill rocks the s#%t

neonspecs said...

i like Psych. :-/

brian said...

Pysch isn't the worst show to enjoy. Gots to love Dule Hill.