Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Clicks a Link

Last night in honor of this column while playing the new Smash Brothers Game (SO MUCH FUN) I played as Link (and Captain Falcon-FALCON BOMB!)

Analysis: King of non-fiction pop-culture musing Chuck Klosterman has some intriguing things to say on the subject of "the road" in film. Click here.
Burbanked has some intriguing thoughts on the pointlessness of female love interests in comics. Make your own Hulkling/Asgardian jokes here. looks at five of the most awesome fictional fighting styles from movies here.
The New York Times was the first of a WAVE of people to point to how unbelievably disappointed I am in Ben Stein. Prefer Jimmy Kimmel here.

TV: Just because The Wire is over doesn't mean I'm done talking about it. EW does a nice piece on their favorite moments. I should warn you though it's fairly spoiler heavy. However, if you know the show you'll enjoy looking back on these moments here.
Speaking of The Wire, The Playlist offers up seven things you didn't know about Omar. Stand-off with Brother Muzone here. Oh also the same site has eleven things you didn't know about David Simon here.
Pajiba looks to be doing an intriguing features that I wish I'd thought of first; their favorite individual seasons of TV shows. Up first, season two of Arrested Development here.

A-Dubs: Oh yeah guy from Modern Fabulousity YOU love Amy Adams. Click here to see the last horse join the race.

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brian said...

That article on Simon should just link to the New Jersey Star Ledger [] because most of their facts you didn't know come from there [or the Onion AV interview, i guess.]

Still, great links. Dug the Klosterman piece. And the Wire moments.