Friday, March 21, 2008

Linkbit Taylor

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Ok so yeah it's official Mutt Ravenwood's got some moves. AHHHH! This is pretty damn cool. Get sliced by the seed of Jones here.

Comedy: The dashing and handsome Patrick Cassels from did a funny, nostalgic piece on some of the familiar faces from the Indiana Jones Trilogy here.
Amusing but true. tells the sad tale of Hollywood's six favorite stereotypes right here.
Ooh the Paley festival, so much good TV getting talked about, check out this Judd Apatow love-in here (be sure to watch the vid for a hilarious anecdote about Mariah Carey from Jonah Hill).

List:, in honor of St. Patrick's day picked ten great Irish movies. Kiss the blarney stone here.
Here's a fun list of bad (well maybe not so bad, in fact some are a lot of fun) musicals from great directors. Marvel that Popeye ever got made here.
Someone took the time to compose a massive Futurama time-line. For mega dorky fans only here.

Interview: My beloved femmate (female roommate), Dani, pointed me in the direction of this thoughtful interview with Funny Games director Michael Haneke here.
My former professor (and head of Focus features) James "Jimmy Scham" Schamus does a fun piece with his hetero-life partner and collaborator Ang Lee here.

Misc: Ready to kill some time and delight your senses, check out these 25 brilliant animated short films here.

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