Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thing that bummed me out, thing that cheered me up

I am definitely bummed by the passing of Anthony Minghella. In the interest of total candor I was never especially close to his work as a director, but the man did have an eye for directing complex, adult dramatic material, something that grows increasingly difficult to do in studio films. The infinitesimally tiny silver lining is that this may prompt many to go discover or re-discover the man's small but powerful body of work as a director. It should be noted that Minghella was a legitimately multi-talented worker in the film industry serving as writer, director and producer.

Of my own personal connection to Minghella I originally disliked The Talented Mr. Ripley but I am happy to say that subsequent viewings of the film have altered my dislike into great affection. The director's other film I've seen, Cold Mountain, is certainly ambitious but encumbered by all sorts of tinkering to make it award bait. It rarely feels organic. Obviously my q needs some tinkering.
On the OTHER HAND I was thrilled to wake-up and discover this golden nugget (which I first heard from Frank via e-mail and subsequently saw at this link). Edgar Wright, probably my out and out favorite director working today, is in talks with the sublimely talented Michael Cera to star in the director's adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's superlative comic series Scott Pilgrim. If you're not a reader of Pilgrim (something you can rectify by clicking here and dropping a few shekels, it's only ten bucks cheapo) let me fill you in. Scott Pilgrim is a Canadian slacker who must defeat his new flame Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends in combat to make her his girlfriend. In the process Scott grows and matures in tiny baby steps, he also gets extra lives, plays in his band Sex B-Bomb and re-evaluates his own sordid love life. Think Superbad meets Kicking & Screaming (the Baumbach one) meets Kung-Fu Hustle and you're getting closer. What's particular exciting is that Scott Pilgrim doesn't really match up with the current awkward/cute schtick that Cera excels in. Scott can be hyperactive, a bit of a jerk, egotistical and a bit of a dunderhead all at once. It'll be great to see Cera stretch and really show to the world the no doubt enormously talented comedian I just know in my heart of hearts he is. Honest and truly people you should be getting excited (and buy those Pilgrim trades).

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neonspecs said...

i didn't like Talented Mr. Ripley at first but now I love it. Wrote some pretty good essays about it in high school, too. heh