Friday, March 7, 2008

Miss Pettigrew Links for a Day

Friend pimping: Terry of fame had some very nice things to say about me and the blog. Which is funny because I happen to have some very nice things to say about him. Particularly now that he updates more frequently and you never know what crazy, random thing he'll blog about next. You should make it a point to check him on the daily here.
Also worth mentioning is Josh Heller taking a break from composing jingles to sit down and write a serious look at the amazing sounding Urban Iditarod competition. It's some pretty damn compelling reportage, both equal parts informative, thoughtful and hilarious. If you absolutely, positively must click on only one link in this whole article make it this one here. Then reassess why you only can click on just one link. Get it together man.

Funny Stuff: lists the Top 25 piecs of Movie Merchandise too awesome to exist. Laugh at the Capote action figure here.

TV Stuff: A ton of solid TV related stuff this week. First up is a link that is already being hailed as "controversial" and has my friend Offer threatening to kill me for potentially ruining Lost. The guys who created this page were EXTREMELY thorough so beware. The mysteries of the island may well be revealed here.
The man who created Hamsterdam wants to make it happen in real life. Wire fans check out David Simon's take on the war on drugs courtesy of Time Magazine here.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenny has some big, hilarious sounding plans for next season. "The gang takes on the sub-prime mortgage crisis" anyone? You can await the return of "Day Man" (yes they're bringing it back) here.

Lists: I'm a sucker for lists like how Nelly is a sucker for cornrows and manicured toes. Radar provides a look at the most misogynistic films of the last decade here.
Film Babble has a look at the ten most misleading posters/DVD covers of all-time here.

Analysis: Creative loafing makes a pretty compelling defense for the recently lackluster Will Ferrell. Break out of the glass case of emotion here.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: I can think of no better gift than having a great comedy arrive square on my birthday (actually yes I can but I've been sworn to not mentioning it on the blog by the lady :)). This year will be full of chock full of glorious Apatow produced goodness but I'm especially excited for audiences to discover what fans of How I Met Your Mother and Freaks & Geeks already know. Namely that Jason Segel is a glorious comedy lead. The film, which Segel writes and stars in, will look at break-ups the way Knocked-Up looked at pregnancy. The film already has a very character specific website up, though the url is being rumored to change (a fun but tricky to execute gimmick). Try it at either or It should be noted that the titular Sarah is being played by Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell.
There is also a not especially informative but VERY funny interview with a good chunk of the cast (including Jack McBrayer 30 Rock fans) along with director Nick Stoller and producer Shauna Robertson done by Quint over at AICN here.

Youtube faves for this week:

Frank pointed me to this remarkable little gem first (though I received it MANY times subsequently). The opening titles of Star Wars redone as though they'd been created by titles impresario Saul Bass.

Sweeding is taking off (as I predicted) and one of the best I've seen so far is the concise, hilarious and still great version of Once. Damn I love that movie.

Screw that little girl who described the plot of Star Wars. Here is a young man after my own heart. Drainage indeed!

And lastly, Jason Sudekis goes too far. Isn't it enough being Tina Fey's fictional boyfriend? Sudekis!!!!! Oooo I can't wait for Saturday.


Football Chick said...

So did you see Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day yet? What's the story?

neonspecs said...

OH MAN I LOVE SAUL BASS. yet, I am glad that wasn't Star Wars' title sequence.

Did you read my post about the Sondre-Hitchcock connection? There's a link in it to a really fab site that has most (if not all) of Bass's title sequences in all their glory.

El Gigante said...

FC: Frank already saw a screening of it saying it was "cute, with an excellent musical number at the end, but ultimately I could wait for rental and not miss anything." He also said that she's naked in a lot of it. I love that he mentioned this as an after thought. As soon as I get paid I will hit up a theater and see it.

Neon: Yes I did check the Sondre-Hitchcock connection and Bass is one of those people that movies would not be the same without.

Duchess said...

Holy Crap, Gigante. That milkshake kid is rocking my world harder than Obama at an Iowa caucus.