Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't bother me next Saturday

As I was watching my DVR'ed SNL after work today I was enjoying the awkward live performance of the cherubic indie darling Ellen Page when all of a sudden what should peak out before the commercials like a beam of light through heaven?

Yeah. That's right.
Plus them:
And don't forget this guy:
So what do the Sickness Cinema and Celine Dion think about all this?


Jason said...

Hey. I grew up on SNL, but fell out of touch with it for the past 5+ years. I caught the episode the weekend before (w/Tiny Fey) and thought the show had improved since I'd seen it last.

I saw last weekend's episode, but wasn't too impressed with what they did with Page.

Still, I just fell in love with Vampire I guess I'll be tunning in. I know it's cliche...but is SNL important anymore?

El Gigante said...

SNL isn't necessarily important in terms of creating innovative sketches BUT I would argue that it still has pull on popular opinion (there's got to be SOME correlation between Hillary's self-deprecating turn last week and her recent polling surge). It also still exposes top drawer comedic actors (and in some cases writers) to a much wider audience. I also think that Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg are well on their way to being huge talents. I also think that Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudekis and Will Forte can bring it when called upon. And finally Fred Armisen has grown on me.

I tend to enjoy the later, more avant-garde sketches when the writers go nuts cause they figure fewer people are watching. The digital shorts can at least be counted on to be creative (still love the conference meeting with the turkey sub and Arcade Fire) and while the political material may not be as cutting as the stuff on Stewart and Colbert it makes some fair albiet broad observations.