Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Monkeys aren't donkeys, quit messing with my head

Did you see The King of Kong? In addition to being one of the best (and easily the most entertaining) documentary of 2007, it also made my top 20 (number twelve to be exact) so before I go with today's entry I MUST implore you to go and check out this film (currently on DVD) as I will be getting into "spoiler" territory here. It's funny, dramatic and finally triumphant.

If there's one person who comes out of the film smelling like roses and shining with the divine light of God behind him, it is Steve Wiebe. In addition to being a teacher (yay) the man could not be nicer and any post Kong accolades are well deserved. However if you're the sort to keep up with video game scores or already purchased the DVD you'd know that Billy Mitchell usurped Wiebe's hard fought title for all-time highest Donkey Kong score. Sorry but as anyone who saw the movie will tell you that this is simply not acceptable so TONIGHT Steve Wiebe is re-challenging Mitchell for the title in Las Vegas. No super-delegates, no polls, just a man and his joystick (and occasionally a hammer for smashing barrels). Find out the details here. Our nerd prayers are with you Steve, you're a honest to gosh American hero.


Teresa said...

I've been reading your blog a lot recently. And I've agreed with almost everything you've posted. You're very insightful and humorous. And you have no idea how much it tickled my fancy to see a Futurama reference as the title for this post. Kudos to you :)


El Gigante said...

Well aww shucks. Thanks so much Teressa. Keep reading and tell all your friends. Yeah I was very excited when I recalled the quote. A lot of the titles are just little in-jokes for me and anyone else who picks up on them. Kudos to YOU! :)