Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A day where I, in all my Jewish-ness, scramble to find something green lest my elementary school fear of ceaseless pinching come to be.

Other sites may be celebrating with clips from The Departed or The Leprachaun or Miller's Crossing or Once or something but not this film blog. Oh no, down at the Sickness Cinema we roll with musicals. They may be old, shabby (and in the case of this one contain some HORRIBLY offensive stereotypes) and creaky but damn it, I love 'em. Feast your eyes on the opening to the ode of all things Irish Finian's Rainbow, the freshman studio assignment of a young director by the name of Francis Ford Coppola. Oh yeah, deal with THAT!

I like this film despite it's faults which are MANY; the local commune is saved by inventing menthol cigarettes, a racist mayor is turned black as a punishment and the story prominently features a horny leprechaun. Still the songs are great. Three of them can be found in this clip below (my favorite of the three "If this isn't love" shows up about 11 minutes in).

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.

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William Costigan said...

You don't have any cats. I like that.