Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Your Sickness Background

Hey everyone have a little task for you. I'm thinking of making some changes to the design of the blog. Nothing drastic mind you, just time to shake things up a wee bit. So I will put it to you, which of these following pics, posters and screen shots should be the official background (you know, the still from Manhattan up top) of the Sickness Cinema.
I like this one for obvious reasons. It's like she's introducing me. :)
Oh Wall-e I've seen maybe two minutes worth of you and you already may be the greatest thing Pixar has EVER done. My God.
Start the plane Jock! Start the plane Jock! I like this one because it's like you're about to begin an adventure.
This was briefly my opening image, it's the stand-off from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and if you needed me to tell you that drop what you're doing and go watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
A big face full of Jack Elam from the opening of Once Upon a Time in the West. Another Leone showdown.
You can never have too much Paulie Bleeker. It's just science.
My favorite New York based action film. This poster is, as the kids say "teh sex."

Please put your votes in the comments.


elaine said...

I like the Indiana Jones one mainly because it made me laugh when I saw it. I think that college humor article might have been an influence. Don't know if it embodies what the Sickness is all about though.

El Gigante said...

Heh, what DOES embody the Sickness Elaine, you have piqued my curiosity now.

And yes very perceptive about College Humor (where I nicked the picture from, thanks guys). I'm quite tight with some of their staff (even showed up in an early video of theirs). Those guys are great and I recommend visiting the site on an hourly basis and buy all their ancillary products.

elaine said...

I honestly don't know what the Sickness embodies, el gigante. But it can't be summed up in one screen shot. Where are the other voters?