Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's going to be VERY popular

Today's imdb poll (always good for a brief amusement) was particularly interesting today. The question was of twenty iconic horror movie-villains which scares you the most? I voted for my favorite, Frankenstein's monster, though I take umbrage at Frankenstein's momster being called a villain. He's an inherently sympathetic character, if not THE most sympathetic character in most iterations of the Frankenstein myths. In fact many monsters on the list are misunderstood or just want to be left alone. The fact remains that quite often man (and I apologize for the forthcoming cliche) is the greatest monster of all.
Why is Frankenstein my favorite, you may wonder? Well, simply because Frankenstein's monster is the monster trying to do right. He's what we feel like when we look in the mirror and feel ugly, despised, foolish. We look to the heavens and reach out for understanding, asking why were we created. You can attach all sorts of meanings on Frankenstein but basically he's the ultimate emo monster. He was born into a world he never asked for and his "monstrous" stems primarily from being misunderstood. Plus, no lie, the guy has the most consistently quality films (excepting that awful Branagh one, ugh). I wouldn't mind seeing Guillermo Del Toro or Mark Romanek or Frank Darabont take a crack at the big guy.

So who do I think genuinely belongs on a list of horror villains? Let's run down the list.

Norman Bates, Psycho-Ok fair pick, although (spoiler alert for a nearly fifty year old movie) isn't Mother Bates the real villain of Psycho?

Chucky, Child's Play-A serial killer's soul transfered into a red-headed freckled doll (brrrr), yep villain. Plus Brad Dourif is just...unsettling.

Count Dracula-Depends on the version of Dracula. In some cases he's just an immortal in love, in other versions he's a total dick.

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde-You can see the problem of having both on the list, right? Take him off.

Freddy Kreuger, A Nightmare on Elm Street-Child molesting dream serial killer who doesn't know how to shut up, pretty damn villainous.

The Gill Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon-I really like this guy. We messed with him first, he's just chilling in the Amazon and then boom, stupid humanity.

Imhotep, The Mummy-A cursed lover. Has the unfortunate distinction in having most of his movies suck. Doesn't quite make the cut for me.

Leatherface, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-An inbred, chainsaw wielding cannibal. Not exactly a nice guy.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs-His popularity has made him an anti-hero, but the guy is a stone-cold killer. He's currently imdb's number one pick. Go figure.

The Living Dead-Great but too many variations, they're scary but only in the right context.

Michael Myers, Halloween-Lacking in personality, but like the zombies his inhuman nature makes him truly terrifying (though one movie, a classic to be sure, would've more than sufficed).

Nosferatu, Nosferatu-There's nothing romantic or sexy about this vampyr, he's a frightening parasite and by the twentieth time they've made you watch him in film school he's kind of dull.

Pazuzu, The Exorcist-Definitely villainous, definitely frightening but the series is diminished by the fact that what inhabited Linda Blair is no longer quite THE Devil.

The Phantom, Phantom of the Opera-Poor old chandelier face. It's not his fault he got royally screwed, doesn't belong on the list.

Pinhead, Hellraiser-A pin-faced demon from hell, who according to creator Clive Barker, gets loads of fan mail. Very creepy, very evil, definitely fits the description.

Jack Torrance, The Shining-In the book I'd say no, but in the movie it's pretty clear the evil was in Jack all along.

Jason Voorhes, Friday the 13th-Most of these movies are incredibly, INCREDIBLY bad. The fact that Jason is a boring, BORING villain has a lot to do with it. At least Mike Myers is backed by first rate film making in his first outing.

The Wolf Man-Depends which version but if you're talking about Lon Chaney I'd say the poor guy is a victim to his condition, doesn't belong on the list.

What say you reader? They forget anyone major? Think I'm nuts in my choices? Put it in the comments.

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