Friday, April 18, 2008

Screw movie-title puns: It's My Birthday

And in the style of hobbits (how did I EVER get laid?) I'll be giving YOU gifts, the gifts of links.

The one you've GOT to see: This site is compiling every great title sequence EVER. Check out the awesomeness here.

Funny: Last night's 30 Rock was an all-time classic, but last week's was nothing to sneeze at either. Entertainment Weekly has an interview with MILF Island winner Deborah right here.
Someone was kind enough to put Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. (YOU CALL HIM DR. JONES DOLL!) course syllabus online. It descends into obvious parody after a short time but the concept is still cool. Audit the course here.
The more I hear Jason Segel talk about his new Muppet Movie the more I expect total greatness, also I laughed a little.

Lists: Jeff & Patrick are at it again compiling a killer list of 10 films so bad they haven't been put on DVD yet here.
Times Online has the ten best assassins in film history (it's a decades spanning list, good for them) here.
Killer Film put out the top 10 most difficult to watch movie scenes (fair warning the descriptions are pretty gross too).
New York Magazine compiled a list of New York canon of films. Awww, I miss you already NYC.

Strangeness: Etan hooked me up with this awesome strangeness. Someone digitally removed all the birds from Hitchcock's The Birds. Behold homo-erotic undertones (sans birds) here.
Peter Bretter updated his blog again. Something about how he hates Sarah Marshall.
Someone read Amy Adams body. Yeah...even I thought this one was kind of weird.
Cracked put up a list of 10 scenes of brutal violence that are guaranteed to induce laughter. The first one has Gary Busey saying "Butt-horn" and it all goes up hill from there.

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