Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh man, how good were The Office and 30 Rock last night? The answer, so good the goodness rubbed off on Scrubs. I know, crazy right? Onto the links. Warning they are list heavy.

Speaking of 30 Rock, Carold sent me this delightfully named 30 Rock fansite, here. I don't dare spoil the name, see it for yourself.

Music: Oh and before you read anything else you MUST check out the incredible INCREDIBLE music video for the Bjork song Wanderlust. Even if you can't stand Bjork (I dig her but understand she's not for everyone) you should DEFINITELY check out this very special music vid here.
The Playlist blog has a really cool feature where they've complied fictional soundtracks for popular filmmakers based on their previous musical choices. You can download them for the low, low price of free right here.

Lists: Sometimes you see movies ad you respect them but damn they are depressing. Check out the 10 you have to see and then never see again here. While we're at it, here's a list of the 10 most depressing movie endings of all-time too here.
After reading those two depressing lists cheer yourself up by reading about the top 20 movie underdogs of all-time here.
An unconventional but VERY cool list of the greatest movie posters of all times right here.

Analysis & Opinions: Spike Lee has some choice words about the Oscars courtesy of New York Magazine right here.
The Film Snob looks at the late, great Charlton Heston as a comedic actor here.
Because of ScarJo's forthcoming album the Onion AV Club has an insightful piece on actors who've tried to become recording artists. Alternatively thought provoking and hilarious here.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad SOMEONE else liked The Office last night. Everyone just bitches about Season 4 - "it's not funny!" "the humor is too broad!" "the characters aren't written right!" I think it's still just GREAT.

I thought it was 30 Rock's weakest episode, though, sadly. Still not terrible.

El Gigante said...

Anonymous, I would find some new friends. I would say that last night's episode and the last pre-strike episode "The Deposition" were as dark, subtle and bleak (as well as loaded down with well-realized character beats as anything in the UK version). Yes Jan is a bit crazier then she was originally conceived but the fundamental fact remains that people act differently at home then they do at work and Jan has clearly gone stir-crazy.

I think last night's 30 Rock was stronger structurally then it was in terms of successful comic business, but I think it was an important step in evolving Liz's character into becoming the type of woman who could take over for Jack should he get promoted.

neonspecs said...

The ending of Bicycle Thief is the saddest, I think.

Frank said...

...Do you think humans are just trees made of skin?

El Gigante said...

All I can say is, I like you Bork.

El Gigante said...

There is the tiniest sliver of hope at the end of Bicycle Thief. The fact that characters endure and don't, say, kill themselves isn't exactly the happiest ending but there is still a chance, some way, somehow that the boy and his father will earn a living. Or maybe I'm just a hopelessly naive optimist.