Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bear with me, this isn't super movie related and I've had a week that's been...awkwardly similar to the last movie I reviewed.

Today as I continued to work on the big move to LA (tear) I was going through books to give away/sell (I have a lot, more then I have DVDs which is saying something) and eventually my hands passed by my high school senior year book. I probably haven't looked at this thing in...oh let's say about seven years. I used to look at it a lot during freshman year of college (because I was THAT guy) but had completely forgotten about it's contents. Well, it was quite an eye-opener. For one thing, I was in amazing shape and looked really good in high school. Really, really good. I wish to god I had dressed better but hot damn I was handsome. It's scary. If I could retroactively go back and have my current brain in my old body and purchase a way better wardrobe (apparently I used to have a closet of nothing but muscle shirts and black jeans...shudder) I probably would've gotten laid every single day. Stupid, stupid high school Sickness.

Which brings me to today's topic. As bad as the world is (Sub-prime mortgage crisis, Darfur, unrest in the Middle East, human rights violations in China, Matzah shortages, anything connected to the Bush administration, celebtards) it's tempting to lose yourself in an earlier time, a time when three massive celebrities could cram (and I mean cram) themselves into tuxes, go through a sketch that they were clearly running through for the first time while the cameras rolled and then go into a song and dance number. While I've never seen a whole episode of it, I love, LOVE the Dean Martin Show. There are a plethora of clips (and pinatas) on youtube but this one is one of my favorites. They were classy (everyone in formal wear) but at the same time silly, bawdy and chauvinistic (hot women everywhere) and had a real intimate "you're in on the joke" kind of atmosphere. Plus it's just cool to see the legendary stars of the 50's and 60's let their hair down (so to speak). Oh also it's great that time has rendered the whole Rock Hudon and Tab Hunter joke a million times more amusing (plus now we get why the boys are smirking). Much thanks to Dr. K's 100-Page Spectacular for directing me to this clip. They're doing an awesome Matt Helm (Dean Martin's spy character-yes it's as awesome as it sounds) tribute all week long so check them out.

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