Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Sobotka bodies found in Scranton

Damn you AICN, first I waste my money on that awful Harry Knowles autobiography, then there was that time I believed the good advanced Van Helsing review and now this. It would appear everyone was a little premature on the whole Amy Adams guest appearing on the Office thing (then again I've been known to blow my load on before). However it turns out that one of Baltimore's finest Officer Beadie Russel aka recent Academy Award nominee Amy Ryan will be guest appearing on the Office season finale. I would like nothing better than two see these shows characters actually cross over. Just imagine it, Omar could stick up Creed for dealing, Dwight could hire on Bubs at the beet farm and Jim and McNulty could play pranks on Michael and Landsman. Oh and what would happen when Stanley met the Bunk? Any other Wire and Office cross-over bits you'd like to see? Put it in the comments.


brianstorm said...

Wow. You called it. The Wire and the Office collided in a manner of speaking tonight. Nice work.

Also, I think Clay Davis and Stanley would be a match made in heaven. Shiiiiiiit.

El Gigante said...

Yeah THAT was fun.

You're right about Clay Davis and Stanley. In that case, lets pair Bunk up with Daryl and have them trolling Scranton bars for some prime tail.